Greenprint Landowner Incentive Fund

The Greenprint Landowner Incentive Fund was established by the Housatonic Valley Association under a 2015 grant from the Jesse B. Cox Charitable Fund. 

The Purpose of the Incentive Fund is to enable Greenprint member land trusts to accept substantial gifts of land or easements having regional conservation value for wildlife, offered as either outright donations or deeply discounted sales, by providing assistance to help cover certain transaction costs associated with accepting these gifts.   

Eligible Expenses:  Approved applicants may request up to $10,000 per transaction by invoicing the Greenprint Landowner Incentive Fund to help cover  some or all of the cost of any of the following transaction expenses for qualified projects:

- Property or Easement surveys
- Easement Baseline Documentation Reports (BDRs)
- Property Management Plans
- Legal Review
- Environmental Hazard Review

Applicants seeking DEEP OSLWA Grants for eligible projects at ≤50% of fmv may request up to $5,000 of the maximum $10,000 award per transaction to help reimburse yellow book appraisal costs.

Applications will be reviewed and considered competitively on a rolling basis.      Please refer to elligibily requirements here.  A .pdf of the application may be downloaded here.