Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund

Photo by Tim Abbott

The Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund

As described, The Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund has the potential to be a game changer.”
           -  a Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund subscriber

The Housatonic Valley Association (HVA) has a bold new plan to transform how we and our Greenprint partners save special places in our area.  We are actively developing a new source of regionally available private capital that raises the bar for what is possible for us to protect in our Northwest Connecticut communities.

The Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund offers an exciting opportunity for donors  and family foundations that are deeply committed to conservation to make a significant contribution toward preserving important tracts of land that are currently beyond the financial reach/capacity of individual land trusts.

We invite you to consider joining this effort to make a lasting difference for this land we love.

To learn more about the Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund and how it operates, please contact the Greenprint at HVA

To learn more about becoming a charter subscriber and donor to Greenprint Partner's Pledge Fund and to receive a Fund overview and a sample project prospectus, please contact Tim Abbott at HVA.

To learn more about project elligibility and to apply for possible funding, please contact the Greenprint at HVA.

Photo by: Tim Abbott