Photo by: Tim Abbott

Town approves $50,000 toward Watertown Land Trust effort to protect Schienda Property

Thursday, August 23, 2012

From an article by Jim Taylor in the TownTimes

"The last project approved was an appropriation of $50,000 from the town’s open space fund to aid the Watertown Land Trust in the purchase of a conservation easement on 75 acres owned by Joseph Schienda.

According to Land Trust Chairman Gail Sangree, the land is located off Hinman Road on thetown’s western border with Woodbury, and is a “mixture of meadows and hills” with a nice beaver pond and the remains of a 18th century tavern that used to be located on old Route 63, a passage that extended from Massachusetts to the shore.

The land trust has raised almost $100,000 through its own fundraising efforts and will receive a 40 percent grant to aid in the $300,000 price tag from the state DEEP, but needs money from the town, as well.

Mr. Schienda will construct a parking lot, according to Ms. Sangree. The Land Trust will maintain the property, while the state will hold the easement on the property, meaning there will be restrictions on what may be done with the property."

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Photo by: Tim Abbott