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Greenprint Releases Updated Online Map Viewer

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Housatonic Valley Association's Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collabortative has relaunched its popular interractive online map viewer.  The new site retains many of the features that made it popular resource for land use professionals and conservation organizations in northwest Connecticut since its initial release in 2012, but has been substantially updated using the latest version of Esri's ARCGIS Online software.

Users familiar with the old map viewer will find many of its most useful data layers have been updated or expanded to cover areas beyong the 29 town Greenprint region to include the entire Housatonic River Watershed in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New York.  In addition to HVA's unique Greenprint protected lands data et - the most comprehensive available for northwest Connecticut, the map viewer consolidates natural resource, property and jurisdictional data from a variety of sources into one comprehensive site for the region.

The 2017 Greenprint map viewer allows users to view multiple data layers simultaneously.  It includes historic aerial and topographic images for the Greenprint region, along with Light Detection and Ranging or LiDAR elevation imagry that is able to detect features such as stone walls and old charcoal hearths against the surrounding topography.  These data will be especially helpful to conservationists investigating the history of past land use for a specific area or property.

The Greenprint map viewer also includes soil data that identifes the three types of farmland soil recognized in Connecticut, including those communities in northwest connecticut that have requested and received official Local Important farmland Soil designation from the USDA/NRCS.  

HVA modified a statewide dataset of interior or core forest areas that are greater than >250 and used it to expand GIS analysis provided by The Nature Conservancy that shows significant wildlife corridors and important connecting areas extending from the Hudson River right through this region and on into northern New England and Canada.

More data will be added to the map viewer in the coming weeks, including layers that show the service areas of community foundations and focal areas within Connecticut's Highlands Conservation Act communities.  For more information, please contact Tim Abbott <> or Stacy Deming <>

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Photo by: Wendy Carlson