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Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund provides $200,000 to Goshen Land Trust

Saturday, December 12, 2015

The 127-acre Mountainview property high above Rte 63 in the northwest corner of Goshen Connecticut does indeed boast exceptional views of the surrounding countryside.  Goshen Land Trust made it a top conservation priority, and succeeded in landing a Connecticut Open Space Land and Water Acquisition grant from the Department of Engergy and Environmental Protectyion in 2014. 

The total price of the project came to $850,000, and the Goshen Land Trust embarked on a private fundraising effort to secure the matching funds it required and to cover transaction expenses. It hired a consultant and embarked on a capital campaign.  It garnered 100% participation from its Board of Directors.   It also took advantage of its membership in the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative to submit a proposal through the Housatonic Valley Association to its Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund,

Launched in 2014, the Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund provides subscribers with a way to leverage their charitable gifts to accomplish significant land protection projects across Northwest Connecticut.  Regionally important conservation opportunities are presented to subscribers who may elect to provide funding through HVA to the Greenprint member land trust that is undertaking a particular land protectiion effort that appeals to them.   Contributions through the Fund are made anolymously and are matched 3:1 by other sources of conservation finance secured by the applicant land trust.

Since its inception, the Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund has granted $400,000 and leveraged $1,200,000 to protect 438 acres including the Mountainview property in Goshen and Trinity Forest in Cornwall.  HVA retains 5% of each grant and passed through 95% directly to the projects that subscribers select.  Each subscriber agrees to make a minimum of $250,000 in project grants during a three year period.

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Photo by: Wendy Carlson