Photo by: Wendy Carlson

Protecting Land

Protecting our land resources, including the food we eat and the water we drink, is the central purpose of the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative and our members. It involves a complex and sometimes bewildering set of public and private processes that we can help landowners and our conservation partners navigate successfully negotiate.

This section organizes the most important of those processes into five basic areas of interest. Together, they summarize the thicket of regulations and best practices that, if followed, will help maintain our area as a model of environmental integrity—and a pleasure to live in.

Conservation Options describes some of the alternatives available to private landowners or associations that want to learn about the types and benefits of conservation transactions.

Priority Areas are the critical, shared resources that are the Collaborative's current focus of attention.

Conservation Finance briefly outlines our funding efforts.

Saving Land in the Development Process  describes how conservation standards can apply to real estate development.

Caring for the Land details the basic planning, documentation and reporting needed to preserve high conservation values.

Photo by: Tim Abbott