Photo by: Tim Abbott

Professional Service Providers

 Private landowners and land trusts alike rely on professional services from a range of experts when working to protect and care for conservation land. Responsible land transactions involve careful legal review, title investigation, accurate surveys, environmental hazard reports, and other due diligence to protect the interests of all concerned. Gifts of conservation interest in land require an independent appraisal that meets IRS requirements, and should be made in consultation with a qualified financial planner. Conservation easements require a Baseline Documentation Report, while management plans are considered a best practice for lands in conservation ownership. 

While we do not endorse individual service providers, there are a number of qualified professionals working in our area who may be able to assist you in areas of conservation land transactions and stewardship. The links provided below are for informational purposes only and do not constitute a complete list of potential service providers, nor an endorsement of their services.