Photo by: Wendy Carlson

Standards and Practices

 Land Trust Standards and Practices are the benchmark for ensuring sound transactions and sustainable organizations in our industry. All members of the Land Trust Alliance agree to adopt these standards and practices and take steps over time to meet their requirements. We strongly advise Greenprint member Land Trusts to formally assess their organizations against these standards and practices with a qualified consultant. This is a preliminary step toward Accreditation and funding is sometimes available to help land trusts with assessments. Even if your organization does not decide to proceed with an application for Accreditation after completing its assessment, it is still a valuable tool that can help identify strengths and areas for improvement. 

Organizations that do decide to seek accreditation from the Land Trust Accreditation Commission must demonstrate that they have fully met 26 indicator practices. A number of Greenprint member Land Trusts are working toward accreditation and Kent Land Trust became accredited in 2010.

The Land Trust Alliance maintains The Learning Center as an exceptional online resource for its members. We strongly encourage those of you who are members of LTA to take advantage of this resource.

Photo by: Tim Abbott