Photo by: Tim Abbott

What We Do

Photo by Tim Abbott

A greenprint is a land use plan created by community leaders and residents that identifies and prioritizes important lands and natural resources, and can be used to leverage significant new funding and land use tools for conservation. At its heart, the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative is a brain trust of conservation leaders, guided by a shared understanding of conservation priorities, pooling their time, talent and resources to solve problems and help accomplish regionally significant land protection projects.

In this section, we invite you to explore our efforts. Click on any underlined link below to 'dig deeper' into what we do.

Our Goals and Strategies are outlined here.

Conservation Planning describes one of the many ways we help our member organizations.

Sharing expertise is another way in which our greenprint is continually fostering collaboration between our members.

Conservation training is a primary activity of the Collaborative.

Our members enjoy preferred access to a number of benefits and technical services

Photo by: Tim Abbott