Click on any name/logo for a link to that organization's website if one is available (Morris does not currently have a website but is on Facebook).

Aton Forest
Colebrook Land Conservancy Connecticut Farmland Trust
White Memorial Foundation
Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust
Goshen Land Trust, Inc. Heartland Land Trust

Harwinton Land Trust

Kent Land Trust Lake Wauramung Task Force
White Memorial Foundation

Morris Land Trust
Naromi Land Trust

 New Hartford Land Trust

Steep Rock Association
Trust for Public Land
Watertown Land Trust Weantinoge
White Memorial Foundation
Any conservation group or organization
working in Northwest Connecticut is
eligible for membership in the Greenprint Collaborative.  All member
organizations sign a Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU) and pay annual
dues scaled to organizational capacity.

Member benefits include:

  • GIS mapping and analysis (free
    of charge or at a reduced rate if
    normally fee for service;)
  • a brain trust of conservation
    leaders sharing their time, talent
    and resources to solve problems 
    and help accomplish regionally
    significant land protection projects;
  • access to a developing network of
    shared professional services to
    help protect and manage properties
    according to best practices;
  • access to capital funding through
    the Greenprint Partners Pledge Fund
    and other grants exclusively available
    to Greenprint Members.
  • help securing state and federal land
    protection funds for projects of
    regional significance; and
  • limited development partnerships
    with conservation-minded
    developers, realtors and buyers.

    To find out more or to apply 
    for Greenprint membership,
    contact our staff.














































Photo by: Tim Abbott