Photo by: Wendy Carlson

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Photo by Wendy Carlson

There are many ways that you can get involved in supporting the work of our Collaborative. Above all else, maintain your existing commitments to your local Greenprint member conservation organizations! Each of us does important work in our own communities and we rely on the sustained generosity of our friends and neighbors to do this. If giving additional time and resources to support HVA and the Greenprint Collaborative would cause you to decrease support to our member land trusts, please keep doing what you are doing! If you can do more, and are inspired by what we are accomplishing with the Greenprint, we would love to talk with you!

The Housatonic Valley Association provides the Greenprint Collaborative with dedicated staffing, administrative support, professional skills and resources like this website. We run a lean operation with an annual budget of $150,000. Virtually all of this support comes from individuals, organizations and foundations. To make a gift online in support of the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Collaborative, click the DONATE NOW button at the left or contact us directly. HVA will direct your gift to the operating budget of the Greenprint. Please give as generously as you can!


Protecting land always includes transaction costs, and often requires capital funds for the purchase of development rights or the acquisition of property. To meet the conservation challenges we face in Northwest Connecticut, the members of the Greenprint Collaborative have long understood the need to develop new sources of conservation finance to leverage the increasingly limited public dollars available for land protection.


If you have the interest and ability to be a conservation buyer, or to pool your resources with other like minded people to protect significant lands with appropriate, limited development, there are special places that will only be saved if people like you get involved. If you are interested in helping us develop a pool of private philanthropic capital to help a Greenprint Member Land trust accomplish a regionally significant land protection transaction, we would love to talk with you further! Contact us and learn more!

Photo by: Tim Abbott